The way we work

Qarden, all under control

The power of Qarden is having the entire trading process under our own control. We will be involved in your business concept from the very beginning. Qarden will help you calculate the costs and find the partners you need. Next, we contact the right manufacturer and negotiate. The product idea is translated into a working drawing that is then used to create a prototype. We then assess, in consultation with you, if the prototype meets all expectations. If it does, we will place the order and carry out a thorough quality check prior to your payment. We also take care of the logistics side of things from A to Z. Qarden will find the shipping company, arrange the necessary import papers and organise the transport. We can even take care of assembly and palletting if you like. In other words: Your concept is in safe hands with us.


Check before you pay

Quality is the hot potato of international trade. In most cases, you have already paid by the time a product is shipped. Thanks to its network of international agents, Qarden is able to check the quality of your product on location. Beautiful products can be made in foreign countries, but a local check is and will always be an vital ingredient. The fact that all our agents literally and figuratively speak the language of your producer is not only useful, it is essential to a transparent transaction.
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